How Minnesota’s Ignition Interlock Device Program Can Help Get Your License Back

If you have been convicted of a DWI in Minnesota, you are facing heavy consequences, including revocation or cancellation of your license. Losing your privilege to drive in Minnesota may leave you having to rely on others to get to work or to run your daily errands. But what if you don’t have reliable transportation or access to public transportation? If you need to be able to drive in order to get back to your usual life, there is an option. If your license has been revoked or cancelled and you still need to drive, you are likely still eligible for the Ignition Interlock Device Program, or IID Program.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Under the IID Program, your primary vehicle or any vehicle that you drive frequently will need to have a device installed so that you can get back on the road again. This ignition interlock device is installed near the steering wheel and functions very much the same as a breathalyzer test.

Once this device is installed, in order to start your vehicle you will need to blow into the device. It will then measure your blood alcohol content, and if it is clean, your car will be able to start. In order to prevent drivers from trying to trick the system, you may also be required to blow into the device again periodically while driving the vehicle in order to prove that no one else blew into it in order to start the vehicle.

During the course of your restricted license, the ignition interlock device will store logs in the device. You will then need to periodically visit the Department of Public Safety where someone will look over these logs for violations. Any attempt to drive while under the influence will be marked. This could result in extended restriction of your license.

How to Get into the Ignition Interlock Device Program?

The IID is typically used by for first-time DWI offenders who had a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit and repeat DWI offenders, as license revocation or cancellation can range from 1-6 years. This allows participants to get back to driving again. However, if your DWI charges classify you as inimical to public safety, you will also need to enroll in this program for between three to six years before your license can be restored. In other words, in some cases the IIP is mandatory and one cannot ever get their license back unless they complete the entire program. It is vital that you speak with an experienced DWI attorney to explain the necessary steps to regaining your driving privileges.

In order to apply for the program you must first apply for your new restricted license and pay a reinstatement fee, pass the DWI knowledge test and provide proof of insurance for your vehicle. In some instances, you will need to show proof that you have completed a chemical evaluation and have begun complying with it’s recommendations. After this is complete, you need to pay a small fee and submit your application and documents to the Department of Public Safety. After your application has been approved, you will need contact on elf many private vendors in Minnesota to have the equipment installed and calibrated monthly.

If you have been arrested for a DWI in Minnesota, contact us today to let us help you fight the charge and assist in getting you back driving again.