The Difference Between Legal Escorts and Prostitution

Over the last few years, Minnesota has seen an increase in internet prostitution stings. The core premise of these websites generally have nothing to do with prostitution. However, escort services and other similar variations are also free to post their ads there, meet clients, and make arrangements.

While the sites themselves are generally seen as protected free speech, they are absolutely being used to hunt down, identify, lure, and arrest people for illegal activities such as prostitution. If you have been caught in a prostitution sting or are worried about getting caught in a sting for contacting an escort service, it helps to know exactly what is legal and what isn’t.

Escorts are Legal

Any adult has the right to be paid for their time, whether they’re an electrician or a professional escort. If you want to pay a beautiful young person to go to attend a party, go to a carnival, or sit alone in your bedroom, you’re allowed to do that and they’re allowed to accept your money. This means that arranging to meet an escort is legal, spending the evening together is legal in public or private, and tipping them is also completely legal. Even giving money to someone with previous solicitation charges is legal as long as the money is not explicitly for sex.

Sleeping Together is Legal

Two consenting adults in their right minds under almost any circumstances are legally allowed to have sex as long as it’s not in public. If you met a stranger at a bar, bought them drinks, and the evening ended up at your place or theirs, that’s legal. Hiring an escort, having a wonderful time, and then sleeping together consensually after the date is also legal. In fact, it’s even legal if you pay someone for their time after they’ve told you they often have sex on the first date.

Even Fetish Stuff is Legal

As long as no one’s private parts are exposed or touched, you can even legally pay an escort to satisfy fetish desires. You can go to fetish costume parties, ask them to spank you or be spanked, and so on. Being kinky isn’t illegal or the 90s would have been a solid wall of arrests.

What is Not Legal

So you can pay an escort (or masseuse) for their time, you can spend the evening with them any way you like, and they are allowed to consensually sleep with you if they feel like it during your time together. What is not legal is agreeing to pay a certain amount of money specifically for sexual acts and favors. An offer and acceptance of sex for money is illegal. It’s important to understand that intercourse isn’t required for a prostitution or solicitation charge. Paying for oral sex, masturbation, and even naked cuddling all count in the eyes of the law as paying for “sexual favors”. In fact, even agreeing to do so is a crime.

If you have been caught in an online prostitution sting, have been charged with prostitution or solicitation, you must contact a lawyer experienced in prostitution stings and scams. Don’t get charged for a line you didn’t cross. For more information or to find a Minnesota solicitation lawyer, contact us today.