Minneapolis Prostitution / Solicitation Lawyers

Persons facing a Prostitution or Solicitation charge can often feel scared and even embarrassed, but the attorneys at Kinsella and Foley Defense understand the fear you may be experiencing and will never judge you based on past decisions. Prostitution is a crime in Minnesota and is generally defined as “hiring, offering to hire, or agreeing to hire another individual to engage in sexual penetration or sexual contact, or being hired, offering to be hired, or agreeing to be hired by another individual to engage in sexual penetration or sexual contact.” Depending on the specifics of each Prostitution or Solicitation case as well as the particular role that the offender played in the exchange, charges can range from a Misdemeanor to Felony level charges and may result in a variety of collateral consequences ranging from jail or prison time, fines and/or registration as a sex offender.

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Minnesota Statute on Prostitution / Solicitation